01 - Outline

* This outline format is based on the APA style, but is not a standard component of the APA style guide.  Only use this outline format for submissions to Southwest Christian Academy classes.

When submitting an outline as its own assignment, please use the following formatting guidelines:
  • In your header please include the APA standard "Running head: TITLE" and page number.
  • Your first Roman numeral should always be "I. Introduction".
  • Under the introduction you do not need to include an A. or B. section.  Simply indent .5", the word "Thesis:", and your complete thesis statement.
  • Your main points will be the Roman numerals that follow (typically II, III, and IV in a standard three point essay).  You may have as many Roman numerals as you have main points in your thesis statement.  Each Roman numeral must have at least an A. and a B. section.  You may have more points and sub-points as needed.
  • Your final Roman numeral can simply be "V. Conclusion".  You may optionally include your closing sentence or your entire conclusion if you wish.  Again, for this section no A. or B. entries are necessary.
  • Your may submit either a topical outline or a sentence outline.

I. Introduction
Thesis: The thesis statement goes here.
II. First Main Point
A. First Subpoint
B. Second Subpoint
III. Second Main Point
A. First Subpoint
B. Second Subpoint
IV. Third Main Point
A. First Subpoint
B. Second Subpoint
V. Conclusion
Optional closing sentence or entire conclusion goes here.