04 - Conclusion Paragraph

When writing your conclusion paragraph, your objective is to restate the most important conclusions you hope that the reader has drawn from your writing, to bring the entire composition to a close, and to leave the reader with the feeling that you are a competent and interesting writer.  When grading your composition's conclusion, the instructor is verifying that you have done the following specific things:

1. decelerated the momentum of the writing in such a way that the reader is satisfied that the composition is complete
2. restated your thesis in a slightly reworded, easily identifiable, and straight-forward way
3. stated your opinion or recommendation if you are writing a critical review
4. ended the conclusion with a clever or thought provoking sentence which leaves the reader to believe that you are an intelligent and gifted writer

It is the responsibility of the conclusion to remind the reader that you have spoken about and satisfactorily proven the main points you promised in your thesis statement.  For example, if your thesis statement was the following:

Your essay should manage its momentum in such a way that by the time you have finished your third (or final) point, the reader is satisfied that the promises of your thesis have been met and is already expecting you to conclude the composition in a responsible way.